Enjoyment in
its purest form

the best quality/
is in our nature

Mother Nature offers true treasures. Our mission is to bring these treasures to our customers in a special way. Therefore, we are always searching for the highest quality seeds, flowers, fruits and nuts worldwide.

we refine/
precious treasures

Since we only use the most valuable raw materials, we treat them accordingly. We process our goods gently by hand and carefully place them in their packaging – a difference that is not only visible but also noticeable in taste. At the same time, we always strive to create innovative taste experiences for the perfect moment of enjoyment.

goldtheke products/
refine your life

  • Innovative nut-fruit blends as a healthy snack between meals
  • High-quality seeds, flowers, nuts, perfect for refining the finest dishes
  • Noble nut mixes add the finishing touch to baked goods

certified sustainability/
That’s our promise

We are able to guarantee the sustainability of our products through regular visits to the growing areas on the one hand, and thanks to the careful selection of certified and long-standing suppliers on the other. Our team of experienced specialists in internal quality control, but also multiple external laboratory controls ensure the best quality for all products.

Our products

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